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Tiaki Whaiaro Services

How to get the best out of your life’s journey

Tiaki Whaiaro sessions provide you with strategies and techniques to support you whether you:

  • Don’t want metabolic bariatric surgery but want to be healthy;

  • Are about to or have recently had metabolic bariatric surgery;

  • Have had surgery and are worried about or finding that you’re slipping back into old habits;

  • Are experiencing weight regain after surgery.

How can we assist you today?

Weight Loss Surgery Consultation

One-on-one, hour-long consultations via Zoom

Your journey after metabolic bariatric surgery can feel like a rollercoaster, physically and emotionally.

There are many common physical and emotional stages that people go through in the months and years after surgery.

These sessions provide wrap-around support, strategies and techniques. The goal is to educate you on the unique challenges you’re facing, and share self-care strategies and techniques that can help you to thrive.

Our nurse specialist work with you to bring together the head, heart, mind, and physiology in ways that allow you to enjoy your new life.

Regular clients can use our online booking system or can email our admin team for help.

First-time clients need to contact our admin team to set up a patient file and to make a booking.

 PRICE: $120 an hour

Weekend with Kate

Set within the grounds of Kate’s home in Pleasant Valley, a few minutes from Geraldine
(and neighbours with the Barkers factory).

This is a two-day retreat for people who are 14 months or more post-surgery. This isn’t exactly your usual weekend getaway, although we’ll certainly squeeze in a little bit of the sights for you.  There’s no massages or other pampering, although you’ll get nourishing food and glorious surroundings.

It’s a deep dive into the whys and hows of yourself, with Kate as your guide.

Kate guides you through a process that unpacks your story, examining what drives your behavior around food and (lack of) self care.

TOTAL PRICE: $1250 per person

Metabolic Bariatric SurgeryWebinars

“Thriving After Weight Loss Surgery” is a series of webinars hosted by Kate.

Each webinar includes practical tips for day-to-day life and long-term emotional strategies. There are four different webinars, each tailored to help you wherever you are on your journey.

  • pre-surgery

  • 0-6 months after surgery

  • 1-2 years after surgery

  • 2 years+ out from surgery

The webinars are two hours in duration and moderated so that you may ask questions that will be relayed to Kate.

 PRICE: $30 each

Public Speaking & Advocacy

Kate also offers her services to organisations as a facilitator, keynote speaker, and presenter.

Her work has included:

Facilitator - Foundations of Healthy Living
Presenter - Resolution Retreats, Mobile Health, Dr Tom on A Mission, Fisher & Paykel, Frucor

Keynote Speaker:

  • Australia New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgical Society (ANZMOSS)

  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)

  • Australian Nurse Practitioners Association

  • Nutrition Society of NZ

”Amazing information. Best talk on obesity I have ever heard.”

PRICE: On Application


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