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Tiaki Whaiaro


Comprehensive support for mind 
and body after 
weight loss

What we offer you

Tiaki-Whaiaro offers a comprehensive aftercare and support service for those facing ongoing mental, emotional and physical health challenges after weight loss.

We specialise in providing care for people who have had or who are considering metabolic bariatric surgery (also known as weight loss surgery or WLS) and those taking Saxenda (liraglutide) or other weight loss medications.

We share proven self-care strategies and techniques so you can face and attend to your unique mental and emotional challenges. Losing a significant amount of weight isn't the end of your journey — it's the beginning of a whole new life, and sometimes, you need extra help with that.

Our work involves personal consultations with metabolic bariatric nurse specialists trained to care for your physical well-being, as well as counselling and coaching.

We also have a GP who can work with you on associated health issues and the use of the latest weight loss prescription medications.


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